What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


Wargroove (NSW) is a decent substitute for Advance Wars that hasn’t released a new game for over a decade. For being an indie game it is very polished and well put together. That being said it isn’t as good as I remember the Advance Wars game being. My biggest gripe is that the level design and enemy AI leads to all stages feeling the same. I could go through the entire game without changing my strategy.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (NSW) is probably the best metroidvania I’ve played. It excels at combat, platforming, and puzzles. I’m constantly being challenged without becoming too frustrated with the difficulty. Levels are short and focused. There is very little backtracking. So far I’ve unlocked three monster forms and they all feel very different.


The Elder Scrolls Blades is out in early access. It needs more polish before it’s ready for release.


You’ve actually played it, Arch? Must be nice.

Signed up for early access the day they announced it…


Access is a bit bugged at the moment. I couldn’t download it for my iPhone because it hasn’t been released in my region yet. Downloading it on my iPad was fine though, and it synced to my phone automatically.

The first time that I booted it up I could only play the intro sequence. When I tried a few hours later I had to download a ~850 MB patch and I got to play another section where I walked down a path and fought two brigands. After that you enter a village and get access to the character creator.

Once I was happy with my Orc and tried to continue, I got a account access error and then a crash to home screen.

It is very impressive from a technical perspective, but the combat could use some tweaking. It didn’t feel responsive on my brand new iPhone XS.


Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines with fan patches (fixes for now, will check out the more expansive cut content mod after I finish the first play).


I’m cautiously optimistic for Bloodlines 2. I haven’t played any game by the new developer.

This morning I got a real invitation to The Elder Scrolls Blades and it seems to be working alright. I just received my first quest.


I played a bit more of Blades and I enjoy it despite being designed around loot boxes, micro transactions, and annoying timers that you can pay to bypass. Quests are bland and the entire game is a grind to get you to buy in-game currency.

If it is possible to progress without spending money then I can see myself playing this every now and then during my commute when I don’t feel like reading.


I hated scaling in Oblivion. In Blades it’s quite handy. By leveling up my character and/or town I get nicer loot from the same chests. My level 14 character is now dressed in silver armor and my town is developing nicely.


I never had much a problem with the rubber band scaling in Oblivion, but it definitely makes more sense in Blades.

I’m looking like lvl20 right now, my town just got to lvl 4. Getting a bit bored, and the amount of effort I have to put into managing my chests so I don’t get overflooded with silver chests is getting incredibly annoying.


Bloodlines 1 was really good, Warrens can fuck themselves and the last 10% or so wasn’t my fave (standard “we have to have boss fights that throw out the various other means to finish the game” stuff). Playing again on the Upatch+ content (again with Malkavian, as I missed a lot of dialogue options by not taking an early second point in Dementation).



Hrm, prolly gunna be my next game.


It’s so similiar that if you told me this game was released a year after the first one I would totally believe it.


Ah, so GOTY then.


Which is good because 2 and 3 really lost the plot.


why cant I see any of @Das abload images?

EDIT: hmm i can only seem then in brave private window with tor wtf


Eh? What browser are you using?




No problem here on Chrome. Must be something on your end.


The new Fire Emblem game is pretty cool although very talky in the beginning. I probably played it for an hour yesterday and 95% of the gameplay was reading dialogue. I decided to side with the Black Eagles in my first playthrough.