What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


Who among us wouldn’t sign up with the imperialist empire


I like Edelgard better than the other two leaders, but the other factions seem to have more interesting support characters.


Who’s the best girl in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?


So far I like Manuela the most.


Still playing FE:3H, though I only picked it up last week.

Went with BE as well. I really like Bernie, as a character she is fun to see how she interacts with the other characters.

I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the non-battle stuff, but I almost look forward to it as much or more than the battles themselves.


Played Fortnite over a period of two months before I decided to hell with it.


The building aspect like 88% of why I don’t play it.


I made an effort to build and edit but that didn’t elevate the game for me.


I’m pretty happy with Apex Legends right now.



I’ve been enjoying Apex, though haven’t got to play it as much the last few weeks. Need to pick it up again.

FE:3H is really taking up my time though.


I’ve poured maybe 35 hours into Fire Emblem and I now have access to the highest tier of classes. I doubt I will replay it with another house unless there is a simple way to automate the exploration mode.


That is the fun part!


Apple Arcade is really nice. There is a great selection of games and by getting rid of microtransactions and ads they’ve removed the worst part of mobile gaming.


Grindstone (iOS) turned out to be too much of a grind. It’s really fun, but way to repetitive to be fun for 150 levels. Maybe I’ll return to it in the future.

I almost drained my phone’s battery yesterday while playing Mini Motorways (iOS). It’s fantastic.

I’ve reached the 5th dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch). I don’t like the writing or the collectathon components, but the core game is really fun.

I’m also spending a lot of time with the new expansion in Magic: The Gathering Arena (PC).


I restarted Dragon Quest XI on the Switch. I set the combat speed to the fastest and I’m skipping some of the optional content. It’s really good, but I want to finish it up soon so I can move on to Luigi’s Mansion before the year is done.


I was home sick yesterday and finally got around to play What Remains of Edith Finch. It’s a great walking simulator and I played through the entire thing with just a short break in the middle.


I’ve been busy with work and family lately. Instead of playing games requiring commitment I’ve been sampling games on PlayStation Now. Yesterday I tried two indie shoot 'em ups and the story mode in Mortal Combat X.


after all the shit I heard about netherrealm, I don’t care to correct that, fuck em


Was it crunch related shit or some other kind?


Quarantine has changed my gaming habits. I’ve finally built all the Labo kits I had at home and I’ve been sampling kid friendly games on PlayStation Now. Yesterday I also started playing Murder by Numbers, a picross clone with a visual novel tacked onto it.