What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


OP from ver 1.0

Seems like as good a place as any. So what games are you wasting your
life with right now? Got any planned afterward (backlog go)?

So what are you guys up to in gaming out? Feel free to give custom
details (like what party you are using in a game, your current progress,
all that stuff!

I started playing the new story mode in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. So far, it has been filled with long conversations and nice animated cutscenes. It’s not at all the barebones remake I expected. They’ve added fast-travel, new dungeons, tweaked the skill reset system, and added the possibility to access skills from equipping items. Overall it seems like it could be a great improvement over the original. I’m only a few floors in and I need to decide how I want to build my characters.

My space marine in Destiny is already starting to look bad-ass. I’ve played through the beta content and now I have access to the multiplayer and more quests. I haven’t heard a single person speaking through an headset yet, but that might just be a because most of the players I meet are non-British Europeans.


Someone please tell me where i remember that song from. That has to be a parody of something else.


I finished VVVVVV for the first time on Android. Loved it.

I went back and found the other trinkets after I beat the game. :slight_smile:


Gran Turismo 6 - Circuito de la Sierra Andalucia

Probably the best fantasy track that Polyphony has ever created. It’s 27 kilometers in length. A great track for the time attack junkies. The best part is that it’s free.


I picked up Dragon Quest I for my iPad. It’s very similar to the other Dragon Quest games. I thought it would be more archaic. Perhaps this version has some improvements that weren’t in the original.


Even this easier version of DQ1 required some grinding to beat the final boss. It took me 20 minutes listening to a podcast so it wasn’t that bad.


This week I picked up Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. The core game is identical with the original Theatrhythm. They’ve expanded the song list to over 200, revamped the skill system and added a quest mode. Your party’s HP isn’t restored between encounters so you will be forced to either play the game without missing any notes or use items between the stages.


I’ve mostly been playing FIFA 15.

It’s not bad. By no means perfect. They need to fix the finishing.


picked up FFX at a garage sale last week, never played before. fuck this blitzball bullshit


Dota all day every day


Destiny… Destiny!


Blitzball is one of the main reasons I want to replay the game. It’s awesome!



i’m doing a crushing run of U3 now, it’s not as fun as crushing U2 was :confused:

yep yep


Ugh. Ringo killed that show for me


Ringo saved that awful show.


Continuing my Ace Attorney marathon, I’m playing Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth: Investigations. I’m on the third (out of five) case, Turnabout Kidnapping. The cases have been most intriguing so far. I’m having more fun playing as a prosecutor over being a defense attorney. The Logic system is great.


Finished Deus Ex: Invisible War. It’s ok. It’s weird that they managed to do a great game with Thief: Deadly Shadows, but for some reason couldn’t do anything worthy of note with this one. It’s not always the most comfortable game, and you have to abuse the very slow enemy animations to avoid getting hit. Which means that any big encounter is an absolute death trap. The stealth isn’t very rewarding either.

Hoping to finish TiTS next.


Jump to Human Revolution. That game is excellent.


Borderlands 2
Gave the first game a 45 minute play through before I gave it up out of sheer boredom, but I’ve been playing this one off and on for two days now and I suppose I’m enjoying it. Finding more powerful guns is the most satisfying aspect I believe.


I picked up Fieldrunners 2 HD since it was free the other day. It’s not as great as Kingdom Rush, but if you’re into tower defense then you should give it a try. The core game is very polished. The only thing I really don’t like is the menu interface and the heavy push for in-app purchases.