What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


I’ve finished that three times already! I played Invisible war primarily to complete the franchise, now there is nothing Deus Ex that i haven’t played and i really like that.



Looks like one of those casual racers.


Press A for Awesome?



(Mostly) finished The Vanishing of Ethan Carter yesterday. It performed quite sluggishly on my modest GPU, and in general didn’t really grab me. Pretty as hell though.


What’s your GPU? Will I manage with a GTX 670 4 GB?


An HD 5770 (1 GB). You will be fine, I think :stuck_out_tongue:



You people.


I was hoping that we would have stacked memory modules and 22 nm die shrink before I had to upgrade to a new GPU.


smash 3ds obv



borderlands is fun


you gonna get the pre-sequel or have you played borderlands 2 yet?


I booted up Super Mario 3D Land tonight. The levels are tiny and it’s not very challanging (yet). It’s still quite fun though. I never played any of the other 3D Mario games for more than five minutes.


going trough Borderlands 2 right now, playing a ranged assassin



Recently, a couple new teacher cards were released. They’re similar in function to the alpaca cards you can get (yes, there are cards that are just art of an alpaca) in that they’re exclusively for leveling up your idol cards.

Smile teacher!
Cool teacher!
Pure teacher!

It’s a shame they can’t be used in your teams. Even if their stats suck, it would be cool to have them for flavor at least.

Unfortunately I have to report that I failed to get an extra copy. I finally understand the block that’s keeping me from succeeding: I’m not factoring in all the new people coming in. I now understand that I just need to get a lot more event points than it looks like I’ll need instead of enough to maintain my place. Essentially, I wasn’t being competitive enough.

Also, I didn’t have enough charm :<

The following event was some Babymetal-type shit. Really excited to see if LLSIF introduces more songs like that one, I had a lot of fun playing it for the brief period it was available.

I got the event card for that one too of course, but I didn’t bother trying to get an extra copy this time. Rin is a shit-tier idol anyway.


something about Smash


Bought this on a whim. It basically amounts to an AC clone in regards to its overall mechanics, but with that said I enjoy it a lot more than I have any AC game.


I’d liken it to Batman Arkham City more.


I decided to play through Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. It has a pretty cool battle system similar to Valkyrie Profile. In the attack phase each character has a selection of moves that you can combo together until you run out of time by pressing the d-pad and the face buttons. In the defense phase you can block the enemies’ attacks with well-timed button presses.