What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


I second this. It is a fantastic game.


I’m enjoying Chapter 13 of FFXV, kind of don’t get what the whole deal is to be honest.


Got my first win of 1.0/Desert Map. Tested out Replay feature.



I’m slowly making my way through the final dungeon of I am Setsuna. Most battles last two seconds when using the more powerful group combo attacks. Bosses are still somewhat challenging since I skip optional exploration.


Finishing off Wolfie 2 atm. Mostly good feelings about it other than the level design.

Before that I dun did AC Origins, which like all open world games, was better in its opening 20 hours than the latter 20 hours.


Wolfie is like 24 at gmg rn with a coupon might get that for myself, really looking forward to it. Glad it seems to have turned out well.


I’m at the fight with Director Steele in Cosmic Star Heroine. I like that as you’re approaching him, orbs lighten up on each side of you, which is a nod to the Magus fight in Chrono Trigger. There are similar nods like that throughout the game. The team was heavily influenced by Chrono Trigger and Earthbound. This is a tough fight. Doesn’t help that the game forces me to use characters I wouldn’t normally keep around in my party. He has a lot of HP, and he summons mobs that are just as annoying to keep tabs on.


Ok. Played a handful of games recently.

Aviary Attorney is legit a great Ace Attorney game. The game is not unaware of its roots and it consistently reframes its mechanics and genre heritage to create something that keeps subverting expectations. It’s really funny too.

Zombi, or really ZombiU but on PC i guess. Super loving this. It’s a very heavy and slow paced game, game keeps you in a position of heightened awareness at all times by never really codifying enemy or item positions in expected ways, so you’re never really in control of the meta. It has a really great visual style too, worn and lo fi in a way that really impresses the feeling of a spent world that’s long been left to rot. Also it’s a great zombie game.

Anodyne is a student made, dark zelda like? Not sure. Played a bit, it’s creepy in the way that games can easily be by sticking to a strong lineage and introducing the slightest of creepiness to bring focus to the tiniest of deviations from the archetype.

WitchWay is the CUTEST fucking thing and i love it. Look at this shit

Anyway it’s been great and i love life.


I played this, it was a short but ultimately enjoyable session. I was thinking it would be individual puzzles all with that style of digging into the scenes to figure out the puzzle. In playing it I found it to be much more and liked the creativity of the puzzles and how they morphed from one area to another. I played it on PC when I picked it up with their other game.

I still play Rainbox Six Siege almost daily, and mix in some of The Division trying to get my character on PC up to 30 for end game.

@Chimera got me a Switch for Christmas with Odyssey. I also picked up Zelda finally and a few other indie games. I like the portible nature even if I am just playing on the couch or in bed. Wanting to play through Steamworld Dig 2 before getting too deep into Zelda. Saving Odyssey for times when I want a quick bite. Played a few worlds now and it feels great.


I downloaded the demos for Pinball FX3 and Stern Pinball Arcade for the Switch. Both comes with a single free table. I’ve only tried them in handheld mode, but so far I like FX3 a lot more. It feels smoother and it is easier to follow the action in it. None of the DLC looked particularly interesting so I will hold off buying additional tables for now.

Last night I started The Witness and I’m loving it. The puzzles are clever and substantially challenging. There is a lot of ingenious variation of very simple concepts.


Witness me.


I’m so sad none of you like HZD. it’s one of the best games of the generation to me.


I barely have access to the living room TV anymore. If I did I would have played it more. Same goes for Persona 5 and Yakuza 0.


HZD is a great game, it just felt really shallow to me. The story was interesting enough, albeit not very well written. Mainly it’s the gameplay that felt stale and repetitive after a few hours that killed it for me. The characters in that game really shine for me, too bad I won’t get to see how their story plays out.


@toku What key bindings do you use for peaking?


default q and e but i have it set to double tap instead of hold or 1 press


I’m using Ctrl & Alt because I’m weird.


last night a pan saved my life…twice


Haha, incredible m8


Metroid: Samus Returns is really well made. It’s quite challenging and the controls on the 3DS aren’t the best for precise movements. Now that I’ve figured out the timing of the melee counter I’m progressing faster.