What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


Yesterday I played some Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out Together! (NSW) with my SO. The puzzles are simple yet genuinely fun with someone close.

An ad made me aware of The Room: Old Sins (iOS) and I bought it five seconds later. It is as amazing as the other games in the series.



Anyone playing bf1 on ps4? I’m ccrruuxx


Elite: Dangerous has super gotten its claws into me. The wifey bought me a HOTAS for my birthday and I"m losing myself in space. :slight_smile:


I’ve wanted a HOTAS for years and I’m pretty sure I would love to play a modern space sim if I had enough time to devote to it.


Had 1man squad win in PUBG and decided to spend a saturday editing it to be cinematic:

was fun experience, might do this again, already have some ideas/notes on improvements.




I’m playing Wolfenstein now.





It’s like Michael Fassbender vs Nazis


Ya I don’t quite understand my feelings for that game. Has a lot of good story moments, but there’s a whole bunch of tweaks to gameplay and especially level design that are super not great.


I really dig what it’s throwing at me despite the… actual gameplay and level design. That story shit works.


Yeah I love it still but the game felt unfinished compared to TNO. Not in obvious ways (story or even gameplay ending abruptly) but more like they never got to fully execute on the stuff they were doing. Stuff with the ship and optional missions for instance really felt like they were gonna build that our more, maybe do some interesting stuff in the back half of the game but didn’t.

Even comparing it their older stuff like Riddick and the first Darkness it feels like they got maybe just a little too ambitious this time around.

but I take my gruff mc writing poetry while murdering ppl simulator where I get them


100%. Suspect the development on it was nasty. Seems a lot was unfinished or generally hadn’t had enough passes to be fleshed out properly and refined.


It feels like I’m about halfway through Axiom Verge. With seven weapons and half a dozen power-ups the game is more varied. Unfortunately the level and enemy design don’t really encourage use of different weapons, and the constant backtracking and hidden objects has soured the experience. While it is an incredible accomplishment for the developer it isn’t nearly as good as Metroid: Samus Returns that I played last month.


One of the few highly praised Metroidvanias that I cannot bring myself to complete. You and I share similar frustratiions with it.


Idk why but I’m replaying Resident Evil 5.


Steamworld Dig 2, y’all. Get on that.

I don’t want to say too much about it, because I’ve been super impressed with how much it has surprised me. :slight_smile:


Steamworld 1 was pretty good. I love mining games like that.


You’ll love 2. It improves on it tenfold. :slight_smile: