What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


Started playing Final Fantasy XV, not very far into it but really enjoying it so far. The combat is kind of hard to understand… but it’s cool i have time to learn.


Yo took me half an hour to figure out how to turn the car around >_>




Too much lootin’, not enough shootin’


A Story About My Uncle (PC) is a first-person platformer. With power jumps, a tether beam and (eventually) rocket boots you fly through a world of caves and small floating islands. Controls are intuitive and it controls really well. The story part doesn’t add to the game.

Bound (PS4) is an artsy platformer where you are a ballet dancer demigod dancing your way through a surreal landscape. It’s gorgeous and I wish I had a VR helmet for it.

Hatoful Boyfriend (PS4) is an otome visual novel where all the characters, except the protagonist, are birds. It is as boring as other otome games.


Fishing: Noctis’ area of expertise.

He’s a fucking king and the best thing he does is fish!


your usernames are always so classy




Any tips for the rookie?


watch chocotaco stream (he’s consistently top 10 kill rating on the leaderboards but most importantly he gives commentary on what he’s doing and why…you’ll play better if you watch him stream)

shooting is super important but positioning and awareness is what will win you dinner 8 times out of 10

As important as that is realize that you can be boned by a number of elements out of your control so don’t beat yourself up too much

Silencers on an AR are extremely effective, always take them. Destroying the enemies’ ability to accurately pin point your position and quickly (or at all) is one of the best things you can do for yourself in this game.

Going prone a lot of the time is just giving your enemy an easier headshot most of the time, crouch is a better call more often than not

(chocotaco did these videos)

wackyjacky also has a bunch of great videos if you want more hardcore info and graphs
(stuff like, the SCAR is apparently the quietest AR in the game so a scar with a silencer is extremely effective)



I am Setsuna was surprisingly challenging. Then I discovered that I had forgotten to equip my new weapons.


Some good pointers @Toku. I obviously don’t want to take the game too seriously, but it’s good to know what tactics other players could use, especially for the final stint.


my general philosophy when playing is “as long as i make it to top 20”

really easy to do even if you’re goofing off but also a great point to really pay attention to what you’re doing

Idk if I’ve spoken about it here but the different squad/solo are practically different gametypes. In solo feel free to engage everyone you come across or spot. Be a hunter. Squads I’ve probably played the most but also the one I don’t take very seriously. Always chaotic and will be a shit show even if you’re playing with “serious” ppl/friends. Duos is the sweet spot and where the game shines the best. You can still be a bit of a hunter like in solo but tactics layer opens up a bit with having a partner, and it never feels like too much is going as can happen in squads.


Playing AC: Origins which is an enjoyable Witcher 3-a-like that obviously isn’t as good as Witcher 3.


Ah yes the witcherification of every game


You mean an open world game?


More the framing of it than the form of it



Only partially.


I picked up Gorogoa, a very clever puzzle game where you arrange and modify comic frames. The iOS version is much cheaper and it is perfect for a touchscreen.