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Nvidia ruined my birthday party and I’m stuck in Limbo.


I pre-ordered a PS5 the 17th of September. That wasn’t early enough to get one from the first batch, but I got a message from the retailer that it should arrive in December. Provided that Sony’s delivery estimates are accurate.

I’m also tempted to pick up a new TV that’s larger, supports 4K and HDR.

Edit: I must admit that the higher RRP for games is turning me off the entire thing. I can afford it, but I start reevaluating my priorities when buying Demon’s Souls is about the same price as getting a Kindle.


Aye I pre-ordered a PS5 the same day and the same thing happened to me. I was very lucky that someone on Era reached out and sent me their second pre-order (which as I type has been taken all the way 3 hours north to Leicester by Parcelforce for no fucking reason).


The new iPad that I picked up this week came with three months of Apple Arcade. That will be enough to keep me entertained for a few weeks.

I also restarted Frostpunk. That game is awesome.




get the fuck out of here…

Streets of Rage is your GOTY? Objectively??

get the fuck out of here

(Loved that HL: Alyx got the recognition it deserves, in part)


Don’t take it seriously, it’s just a dude’s opinion.


Haha I didn’t mean to seem so upset, more flabbergasted than anything.


I would replay this today.