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How much text is there in a Pokémon game? Can people who aren’t fluent in English play them by only learning the menu commands? If so, are the new Alpha/Omega games a good place to start?

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I’m pretty excited for Halo: MCC. I have no allusions that it will have the longevity that Halo of past had. I just hope to enjoy the old games again with my friends.








They’ve done it again.


I don’t know about the recent ones but i’m fairly sure i learned english by playing tons of Red. Back then, the text was mostly fluff, if you had the manual you could understand the elements and the attacks, which together with the natural impulse to walk around and find new areas, was enough (for me at least) to end the game many, many times over. New games may have more complex narratives, though, but i imagine they can’t be too hard, especially for children, who seem to learn almost instantly compared to us old folks.

You could always buy a Game Boy Light and a copy of the Pokemon Red.


Thanks, John. I’ll pick up a copy for Christmas. Since it’s a remake of an older game I’m hoping it’s not that complex.



FIFA and PES seem to have swapped shirts, with neither catering to the original audience they once set out to attract. Based on this year’s offerings, though, it’s PES that has the clearer direction of where it’s headed. Perhaps most tellingly of all, PES 2015 is more satisfying in defeat than FIFA 15 is in victory.


Yeah wasn’t wholly convinced by the demo tho.


Yeah, I was surprised by the high review score.



Re: Sonic

How the mighty have fallen



Assassin’s Creed Unity getting the scores it deserves.


The Metacitic score is close to the previous few entries. If it suffers from a lack of innovation, poor framerate and microtransactions then I hope it will end up with a lower score.


Yeah, performance across the board is apparently an ass and a half.


Game|Life | Ubisoft’s sneaky scheme to keep you from seeing bad reviews


You keep fucking that chicken, Ubisoft.


I kinda want to play WoW: WoD tonight.