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I’m glad FF7 is being remade with a high level of polish. Square is setting the bar high for themselves and every game that they make after this can’t be a shining turd anymore.









This is a weird announcement. I’d be totally interested in it if it had a larger screen.


Nice collector’s item I suppose.


I thought it was one device with ~30 games. Four machines with 4 games each is ridiculous. What a waste of material.


I can’t even.


So my wife and I have started streaming lately, would be sweet if anyone wants to stop by and give us a follow.

Love y’all!


This is one of the better Let’s Play’s out there of Bloodborne. A non-linear playthrough with lore commentary and different weapon styles on the fly.









Any of y’all get one of them next gen console items?

Had an XSX for a week which has generally been very good so far even without any actual next gen content. My PS5 arrives tomorrow morning,


Nah, I’m not an early adopter for consoles. I’m more like, give me the upgraded version in 2-3 years, or a used base model on sale. Gimmie all the best games you got on the cheap.

I do want a PS5 controller for PC though.