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Looks like we’re going to get more Half Life games in the future. Gaben said he was very satisfied with how Alyx ended and how that could tie into a sequel.

Normally, they’re tight lipped about anything related to Half Life so for them to openly talk about Half Life at all is just making me jizz in my pants.


Are developer commentary playthroughs a rare thing? Haven’t found many out there.





I nearly bought a Game Boy Micro (green) because it looked rare but then my consciousness stepped in to say no because it was 325 eddies.

What would women on the train sitting across from me think of me if they saw me playing with a GBM? :thinking:


They wouldn’t be able to think because they would be too turned on, brother.


Then I just made a poor life decision.







Dope. Shame the west never got it.



Lmao this is huge. Think they got it via the Uber hack.



lmao amazing. Anyone got links to mirrors?




Lots of good stuff for me. Especially remakes of games that I haven’t had time to play yet.