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Idk. I still can’t get over how it’s not TF2.


you and all the miserable bros on the the titanfall subreddit


I live for the misery. And Scorch.

i luv u scorch





Hopefully no one thought I was talking about that Apex Legends, what a waste of my valuable time.



Redundant now that Bayonetta exists.


Any of you have a vita? They’re hackable these days, thing is hugely underrated. I have a 60gb SD card filled with games. Now they’re overclockable, can run games without fps caps and at native resolutions, all kinds of fun stuff.

I’ve got the Agua blue one, it’s a pretty piece of hardware!


I don’t, but I have heard they’re great for emulation. I want to get one.


I recently bought my friend’s old Vita, updated to 7.0 unfortunately. Awaiting with bated breath the new hack for it. fl0w pls

Really jelly over that blue one :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yeah I have the orange one that I bought that not knowing it was on 3.7, I have faith in fl0w though! I haven’t even touched it really, brand new in box. I imagine I’ll be able to get more money for it in the future than I would now.

And yes with native psp emulation all retro consoles are pretty much up for grabs. Best handheld there is imo.


The Vita that I got at launch broke so I replaced it with the 3000 model. I have a ton of physical games for it plus all the PS+ freebies so I haven’t felt a need to jailbreak it.

I did install custom firmware on one of my PSPs so that I could use it as an emulator.

Sony’s portable systems are all great, but I haven’t used them since I bought a Switch.


The fl0w just came out with a hack to run the psp gta games at native res, crazy how much of a difference it makes!


We truly don’t deserve that guy. What a champion


Will this link work? It’s my current collection sans my psp/psx games which are pretty much just Tony hawk titles. I cycle through games a lot, if I don’t play it in like a week I’ll delete it to try something else. Pkgj is just too easy!


gorgeous hardware


Holy shit I just bumped NFS up from 640x368 to 960x544 with 4x MSAA and it’s like a next gen game after OC’ing! These hackers are amazing.


Quake III ported over, though I can’t get it to run yet for some reason. I guess unity games are really easy to port to vita, I expect we’ll see a lot more homebrew soon.


… Which just led me to Redneck Rampage, a fork of Duke Nukem.



AC3 before and after being set to native res. might have to click on them to tell, but the difference is night and day. game looks unplayable vanilla.