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Did anybody get a Tangledeep key from the last Humble Bundle that they don’t need? Just thought I’d check :stuck_out_tongue:

Just heard about that game today and it looks so fuunnnn



best buy spoiled that the same day with a switch port in their system, which the S presumably means




Get a Raspberry Pi and be done with it.


They’ve now got a dock made for the vita that uses a pi to output the video to a TV, it’s pretty cool.

But nah I love my Vita man! Probably my favorite piece of hardware next to my yellow Nokia.


is any of you dudes playing bf5 on ps4? doubtful, but if you feel like hearing me rage over the mic you can add me @ ccrruuxx


Play WipEout 2048



This morning I listened to an interview with Rebecca Heineman and now I sort of want to buy an Intellivision Amico. I hope it turns out alright.


What features are you looking forward to?


Only exclusive games, low prices and no microtransactions, and everything is kid friendly.

If it has a handful of interesting games and the build quality of the hardware is good enough then it could be a good alternative for quick games in the living room for the kids.


You bet.

Abandon all hope.


Got a new decent mouse and I feel like a new man. Bless up.


Whatcha get?


steelseries rival 110