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I was given a Switch for my bday. Been playing lots of Super Mario Odyssey and Hollow Knight. I love it.


bless up



I forgot how to play Titanfall 2 =’(


It’s harsh. Can’t bring myself to step back up that learning curve even tho it’s my favourite game this gen.





Gonna be an interesting read. They made a grip of my favorite games but a few months into Payday 2’s launch it seemed like a lot of talent was already gone. They had quite a few ex dice/bf guys.



You on this Apex Legends life toku?




early but I’m feeling it

To me it feels like TF2’s PvP mode but grounded. Gunfights feel similar to that. Standing still still very dangerous though and as you can see in that video a little TF kung fu shit still applies lol.

If you’re open to liking a BR game at all, and enjoyed TF2’s shooting you’ll get enjoyment of this.







I like this game a lot.