What are y'all playing? ver 2.0



I’ve hit what appears to be a mod limit. It compiles scripts before running and now whenever I add a new mod that runs new scripts it won’t load so I assume that’s my limit. Also tried Mod Merger but that hasn’t helped either.

What’s odd is I’m not using a massive amount of mods.


That’s odd indeed. I had maybe around 20 or so running with Mod Merger.


You guys gonna make me go look up mods on my own or you wanna help a brother out? Living that vanilla life over here.


It’s the life you chose


I’m running 19, more than I thought. Should maybe cut down on the nude mods.


Went back to see how many I ended up with and the total is twenty seven. There’s a few mods such as Friendly Hud, Meditation and Particle Effects that I couldn’t run. No idea why. But the only time I had trouble booting the game was when I installed the Unification patch.



Nearing the 60 hour mark.



I feel sad and broken.


@toku are you playing Blackout?


Played a round, it was interesting. Gotta spend more time with it but it’s solid. They’re very different but It still reminds me of FPP PUBG. Very different engagements from CoD but still feels like CoD. I could spend some time with it, we’ll see.


Might as well tack on a third person perspective.


Shitting myself at every turn, much obliged Capcom.


playing Nier: Automata, it’s very strange but i’m really liking it, it’s such a strange mixture of different levels of graphical fidelity, and also some elements of it are extremely expressive but others are so bland, it’s sort of uncomfortable

like, the animation of the MC is of an extreme level of detail and expression, but then you get to places like the deserted cities where the fidelity of the locations you’re in is relatively very small and empty, it’s not really going for detailed models or textures or anything, and moving around that kind of environment feels kind of oppressive in some strange way


MTG: Arena is now in open beta and the accounts won’t be wiped again. They’re also giving out 15 free decks to new players.

Yesterday I signed up for a sealed event. I thought my card pool was fairly week, but that might have been an underestimation since I’m at 6-0. The new Ravnica set is pretty cool although playing three colors without good mana fixing is a bit shaky.


Yeeessss, welcome!!! I’ve been waiting for a new online MTG client for a while and Arena is perfect for me. Affordable, easy, convenient. Once they add human drafting and friends lists it’ll be perfect :heart_eyes:


I signed up for the 7 days free trial of Nintendo Online. Few NES games hold up well and I got bored of the games I tried after 5-10 minutes.


Kemono Friends Picross is functionally identical to Picross S2, but with cutesy anime girls inspired by endangered species. I don’t care for this theme in particular, but having a theme is a nice change for Picross. The standard interface is a bit dull.

I’m also been playing more Magic: The Gathering Arena. I’m doing great in Sealed, but not as well in Draft mode.