What are y'all playing? ver 2.0


I’ve only played that island once and then I had a overpowered squad. Both conveyer belts and acid puddles are helpful. Use them to your advantage.

If it’s your 4th island then you might want to avoid the difficult regions. There is no shame in picking a one star challenge.


Nex Machina is another excellent twin stick shoot 'em up from the studio behind Super Stardust. I haven’t played that much of it, but it clicked with me immediately.

Everything about Mighty No. 9 is incredibly dull. I gave it a second try, but I’d rather play one of the 120 Mega Man games I haven’t tried yet.

My SO came into the living room when I was trying out Rime and thought I was playing the cat-bird-dog-game again. The level design and character animation isn’t on par with Team Ico, but I will probably revisit it for the pretty scenery and relaxing vistas.


I reached the end of Celeste last night and I’m going to skip most of the optional content. It’s the wrong kind of challenging.

Now I need something new to play for the Switch. I’m considering Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Lost Sphear, or Fire Emblem Warriors. Or maybe I’ll give Zelda another chance.


How does Zelda need another chance? If anything, maybe YOU can have one more chance, mister.




What do you think?



Sayori hung herself after I turned her down. Something tells me I gotta keep playing though.


Keep playing. That is only the start really.


a few hours later

I killed Monika


Decided to replay Splinter Cell Blacklist and boy was that a good fucking decision.


Lost Sphear, the second game from Tokyo RPG Factory, fixes some of the issues I had with I am Setsuna. It has more varied environments and you can now position your party members which makes it much easier to hit multiple enemies with each attack. Unfortunately it is still bland and uninspired. There are many subsystems, yet few meaningful choices. It is very talky although nothing of importance is being said.

It does scratch the itch I had for a portable classic JRPG, but ultimately it is forgettable just like its predecessor.


Nice! I finally got into the MTG Arena closed beta. I hope it’s better than the Duals games.


I’ve been liking it so far, but they really need to add drafting. And the interface still needs a lot of work.


I played two matches and it definitely needs more work before it’s ready for public release. Matches are too slow and it is not clear enough who has priority. I’d also prefer faster timeouts.

The core game mechanics and visuals are pretty good though. If they add draft or sealed mode then I will be playing this a lot.


Been playing Thief Gold, lord i grieve for those born before WASD was the standard.

I’m really feeling the pulpy spirit of the early missions. There’s little pretense of moral clarity where today it seems to infest all games, and so the story becomes about something much more interesting than whether you’re doing good or bad, the history of these places and people.

And fuck me i LOVE the look of Dark Engine games.


I started Nier Automata. This world is intriguing, I love it.


i just want to go home and play far cry 5.

i need to beat a game this year at some point.


After finishing Far Cry 5 I’m moving onto playing Zelda BOTW on Cemu. 4K/60fps deliciousness.


Did they get all the kinks worked out for BOTW on PC?