Virtual Reality Thread - Goodbye, Real World.


If anyone is insterested, I was actually offered to moderate a new VR forum, come check us out :slight_smile:



Speaking of PSVR preorders, that shit sold out on Amazon in less than 10 minutes.


I imagine the sense of scale in Golem looks amazing, but the rest of the game looks dull.


Really vBulletin? :dizzy_face:

I went to Silicon Valley Comic Con this last weekend and had a blast. They had a section devoted to VR and it was packed with long lines. We only waited for one demo, which was the under the ocean demo on Vive. It was well worth the wait, and a great experience. Further sells me on the Vive, since it feels like the first real VR tech and not just 3D games with controllers.

@Chimera talked about wanting to get it for my birthday (June) but since I need to upgrade my PC it made more sense to wait. There will only be more games by the time we do get it. Maybe for Christmas.


Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the forum’s layout, but it is what it is.


I’ll give the VR fad maybe a year before it gets old.


It’s just really sad that there’s nothing more fun than Wii Sports yet.


Well I still dont have tracking for my Vive so I’m pretty salty. Ordered it within the first 60 seconds.


Do you have a steamworks account or something? Are you going to be paying $10 for like maybe 5 minutes worth of gameplay? $40 for job simulator?


Job Sim, Fantastic Contraption, and Tilt Bush all come free.

Even without that, Valve’s ‘The Lab’ is probably more quality content than your typical console launch by itself.






I dont understand whats going on in that gif


Finally got my shipping email. It’ll arrive Monday


Penny Arcade has been killing it with the VR strips lately.



She’s the fucking cutest


Why’d you make her do sea first?


But if we can’t get people to keep the headset on, how will VR be a success!