Virtual Reality Thread - Goodbye, Real World.


I had some friends come over last night to try it and play some MTG.

One of them literally ordered a Vive today as a result.



Still playing it?


Not the past few days because I’ve got a wicked cold, but I should get some good time with it this weekend.

The magic has not faded, if that’s what you’re asking.


But how long will that enthusiasm persevere?

Jeff Gerstmann made a good point at their recent PAX panel that it’s absolutely incredible that VR has reached the point where it is the type of VR that was envisioned decades ago, but at its current state, the games being developed for it are mostly forgettable, and essentially glorified tech demos. He said that he doesn’t feel like putting on the headset after he has messed around with it initially. For VR in games to have a wider reach, devs need to step up and make well-designed games, whether they are action games, JRPGs, or experimental games that have unique mechanics.


Yeah, and that’s gonna take time. The question is not when will VR fade out, it’s when will the industry catch up?


VR will have another resurgence in 2040.


Just in time for a Lawnmower Man remake.


You guys haven’t tried it, have you?


I think one thing to consider is that VR is a completely new thing. It isn’t going to go away, there are too many people interested in it and tbh it is the “future”… well I guess the “present” now.

VR doesn’t have its must have games yet, but it is only a matter of time. With it being new, game devs are still learning what works best from gameplay perspectives to what games even make sense in VR.


No I haven’t, but I would love to. Stores should put up kiosks for people to try out.


They will.


Certain Microsoft Stores & Gamestops are demoing Vives. There’s one pretty close to me at Somerset mall.


I should go to my nearest GameStop to see if they have one setup. I haven’t stepped foot into a GameStop in a few years.




VR seems like it’s just barely hanging on. They need to announce something cool soon, like all these real games were announced at E3 and nothing but Batman and FFXV VR were announced.


That’s on Sony. Vive and Oculus will keep on trucking since that is their primary focus where as Sony is going for the gimmick. They should have just partnered with someone else.


Game selection on Vive and Oculus are the sort of games that you say you might play, but don’t. It remains to be seen if must-have games will be made for them, but there’s a chance that won’t happen. I’m still under the belief VR will fade away in the next couple years, and all these big companies will be eating crow, and being filed as a huge loss. (looking at you Facebook)


Have you used a VR platform @leo?

We have a Vive at work with all of the better games. I haven’t played many because I’ve been busy, but have watched various people at the company play. Everyone loves it and is super stoked at VR now. Some were even skeptical about VR, then they played it and are now sold.

I think you’re hoping for VR to fail so you don’t have to worry about it.

I have no idea how long for VR to become “mainstream” (whatever that means), but it isn’t going away and will only continue to get better.