Virtual Reality Thread - Goodbye, Real World.


Also HTC has experience shipping high quality consumer devices at huge scale for a long time now. There is a reason the Oculus is shipping as late as it is, so they can meet initial preorder demand and get their manufacturing in place for general sale.


I wonder if any of those restaurants are near my office.



Six Flags is going to use the Occulus Rift to make a VR coaster.




Looks like it’s using GearVR, which means this is going to be a vomit-soaked vomit ride.







Remember when Penny Arcade used to be funny?


Valve Announces “The Lab” - Aperture Science VR Experiments

March 7, 2016 – Valve has announced plans to debut “The Lab,” a compilation of new VR experiments, at next week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA. Set in a pocket universe of Aperture Science, “The Lab” offers multiple ways to enjoy room-scale VR. It will be offered free of charge via Steam this spring. More information will be made available next week at GDC.

GDC is gonna be fucking nuts, you guys




the art used to not be so weird tho


In depth look at the Vive’s “Tron-mode”



Valve announced you’ll be able to play your entire steam library of games (including japanese games) in VR.




Interesting read. Now I feel better about not having pre-ordered a PSVR yet.