Virtual Reality Thread - Goodbye, Real World.


the look of a woman knowing her time is up


VR Artificial Boning Helmets for everyone


It’s official.

The Rift will most likely cost the same or more when buying the controllers and room experience. As far as which is better, it will have to wait until both are out at the same time.

She is his coworker, and her look of displeasure is more to illustrate how oblivious VR users are of how they look and their surroundings.


reminds me of some sfici books ive read
where vr users are treated like shit for being escapists and drug users,etc
and now its happening


So who else is pre-ordering on Monday?


Not sure, I kind of want to, but need a new PC first. I could try and if I get a good date then that would be cool.


Same here. I need to buy a new graphics card before I even consider getting VR for my PC.

If the PSVR ships with interesting games then I’ll get one of those at launch.



I just don’t care. There has to be a game changer for me to care.


Well I’ll keep y’all posted on the news from virtual paradise


It’s the PS3 all over again. Time to get 3 jobs.


I actually have an interview for a third job tomorrow. Maybe my subconscious is telling me to buy an Oculus Rift.


For a 3rd job in addition to your other two? All part time, or just side jobs?


If I get this position then I will have two half time jobs instead of one full time job. I also have my own company on the side.




HTC Vive pre-orders opened at 10am EST this morning

I got my order confirmation email at 10:01am


Why did you decide to go with Vive over a OR?


Superior Tracking is the #1 reason. Absolute 1:1 sub-milimeter latency free volumetric tracking. It’s incredible

All in one package. No add-ons or delays. You get everything. Oculus Touch will be another 100-200 USD, to be sold at an unknown date.

Room scale. This is an add-on to the tracking. Oculus can’t hack it at room scale. They recommend to their developers to target forward facing experiences, which is basically standing, stationary, with a 180 degrees of freedom. That’s not the VR I want.

Oculus have also been super shady about their practices, especially with exclusives and I refuse to support them.

Valve on the other hand have been wide open. Anti-exclusive, pro-user. Their devs have complete free reign with their devkits, while Oculus devs are under NDAs like you wouldn’t believe.


Those are all good reasons. I have no experience with HTC products so I will wait for reviews and user impressions.