Virtual Reality Thread - Goodbye, Real World.


ill wait until vr is cheaper than real hookers


Solid plan.


i have no real interest in VR games so that’s a no to me


Have you gotten to try it at all?


I know I haven’t. I’m actually a bit concerned about whether the 3D effect will work properly for me. I wear glasses and one of my eyes is a lot stronger than the other.


It’s a point of shame I haven’t tried VR yet either, but there’s no opportunity for me in MI!! The closest chance I had was when HTC was in Chicago, but it was on a random wednesday. I gotta work!

I’ve got pretty bad eyes, myself. The Vive is designed with glasses in mind, but as long as you’re nearsighted like me I don’t think it should be an issue since the panel is right in front of your face.


I haven’t no. Also same as Laboured, right eye is twice as bad as the left which is already not very good. Plus i need new glasses already and that’s a shitload of money too >_> fml


My left eye has a stigmatism like a football. Just got new glasses yesterday, as a matter of fact.

Health insurance!


Yeah, I’m long-sighted unfortunately. Wonder if there are any articles on this issue.


Once VR gets off the ground, I’m betting you’ll be able to purchse prescription lenses for your HMD. No telling how much that’ll cost you, though.

Or what about a slot in the headset where you could add in a second lens infront of the normal lens for vision correction? Idk


What don’t you guys just have better eyes? Why don’t you just do that?


I’m trying man.



Motherfucker brings up smartphone porn, has no idea how great VR porn is gonna be.


Problem is, we have always had very high expectations for what VR is and should be because of older movies, depicting it as a highly futuristic device able to immerse you in a photo-realistic world, with photo-realistic people. That’s why many people continue to hype up VR. It’s fueled by that sort of imagination we have of fictional VR technology. Not to say that it’s an impossibility to reach that level of sophistication, but we are talking 20-50 years from now until we can ever hope to reach that technological capacity. It’s for that reason that I wouldn’t buy into any of this, unless it’s at a reasonable price, then sure whatever, I’ll play around with it.


i’ve long resolved to skip these gimmick gens and wait for omnitools and the matrix.




I wish you guys lived around me so I could blow your minds once I get my Vive.


Develop | Over 100 games in development for PlayStation VR

Gamasutra | Making a VR game while focusing on sound, sensation, and spatialization


I need this


Have you seen the game those guys are making? Just preordered yesterday