Virtual Reality Thread - Goodbye, Real World.


Eurogamer | Oculus Rift pre-orders open today and you won’t be charged for them


Alright, I’ll ask. What’s the cardboard for?


I assume it’s Google Cardboard since that is the cheapest way to watch 3D.


Oh. The answer was 1000% less interesting than I would have thought.


I’m sure someone has constructed a fleshlight out of cardboard too.



Woe betide anyone who expected it to be cheaper.

Woe betide anyone who thinks that cheaping out on components would have any other effect on the market than to kill VR in its tracks.

Thank God this got to market before Sony managed to kill it with its low grade PSVR.



$600 doesn’t sound all that bad honestly.




As far as Oculus price, $600 makes sense for what it is, but the VR future people want will take that much longer. Until a full in VR experience (including the renderer (PC/console/whatever) is around $500-600, I don’t see major adoption. At this point it is $600 for the Oculus + $800 or more for a capable PC.


I don’t know if I can justify getting two VR headsets. If PlayStation VR is $300 then I might go for that instead.


But you have to attach it to a PS4. Which will fundamentally ruin the experience.

I’m not surprised by how much people are underestimating the tech required to properly run VR. But it’s mildly irritating all the same.


Yeah, the PS4 really isn’t powerful enough for proper VR. Maybe the next generation of consoles (if they ever come out) will be powerful enough, which could then make VR more of a mainstream reality.


This is basically why I’m saying lol PSVR:

And that’s before considering the amount of AA you ideally need for VR is way higher than for a monitor/TV.

In fact fuck it just read the whole thing.


Either way I’ll wait for hardware reviews and a couple of interesting games for I make a commitment.


Absolutely, games and applications is the main issue atm.


Is anyone getting it?


I’m not getting VR until the next go round.

Internal cameras, foveated rendering, 4K etc.