Titanfall 2


That’s fucked man. Sorry to hear that.




is what it is im thugging it out thanks tho @chapel

bless up


Congratulations on the upgrade.



What is everyone’s load out?

I’m Phase Shift, Electric smoke, Mastiff, Archer & Map Hack/Smart Pistol. Use Scorch because I like to watch pilots burn (I wish I could hear them scream).


I feel like I still haven’t totally settled on my boost yet. I’m using the AP turret right now but I was fooling around with the extra battery. Grenades I have no idea. I use them but I feel like they’re the least effective part of my kit.


real ones use wild card only


hard on pc


You’ll catch up :wink:

From what I’ve read from console users it seems quite a different game.


It’s brutal. Took me a while to crack the top 3 online.


what mouse sensitivity are yall playing at?


I have 2 DPI presets 1000-1600. Using Logitech G403 Prodigy Wireless.


Why’d they go and have to get rid of skirmish


getting back into it, biggest thing is idk maybe im blind and not seeing my cursor but i swear to god im missing shots by millimeters while these mfers never miss.


also no clue what the meta is but it seems like everyone using the r97c? so i had spend credits or w/e to get that early.

kinda funny, it’s a lot like pc vs console CoD all over again where fast firing weapons, smgs in particular, seem to dominate most situations thanks to the low ttk. Shotguns and SMGs rule everything around me.

Shotgun is hard for me to use in this though because of the speed and movement, I have trouble landing that first hit and track for the second one.




That rare moment when you run into someone with the same loadout is like


Double post :confused:


the worst thing about this stupid fucking game that i love is how awful the fucking ui is