Titanfall 2


I thought I would go with Jeff Gerstmann’s loadout because it looked pretty effective, but I’m finding myself wanting stick with the GL primary and the charge rifle. I don’t even want to take invisibility off just yet in favor of stims.


I changed to stims. This game feels really good. Like, really, really good.


Wait until you get into that Phase Shift lyfe.


Also I assume Laboured is on PC, does anyone else know how you record on the xbone? It’s been collecting dust for two years.


Just leave it in the past where it belongs.


You mean how like the PC community has treated Titanfall? Yeah, that’s smart. I’ll go to where the player base is instead of being a mindless PC guy, thanks.



This isn’t mine but it’s pretty cool. (I don’t know how to embed soundless videos)

(edit: there’s a youtube version)

Toku, did all the issues you had during the beta get sorted out? I don’t remember if you gave an update.


Just omit the v from gifv worked oddly enough.


Oh, I thought we weren’t allowed to do that. I’ve been avoiding posting regular gifs.


Heh, post what you want.




I like the build diversity. I don’t like tone. Also I think I’m going to prestige regenerate. TBH it’s actually my first time, I’ve never gotten this deep into a COD-type shooter.


I regenerated! Also took a look at my lifetime stats, feeling pretty good about them. I didn’t realize I killed as many pilots in a titan as I have.


Sidewinder eh? Interesting.


Yeah, definitely has its downsides. One of the tips says to follow the contrails of an SMR to find out where the pilot shot from, but honestly that’s the least of my worries when I use it. The smoke more than often blinds my view so I can’t really say it’s a good weapon. Still, the numbers don’t lie, I’m clearly effective with it. I could probably be even more effective with a different weapon, but I’m attached to the SMR now.


They finally nerfed Tone


Dems some good patches.


I still love this game so much.

I’m attached to Mastiff. Using it makes my aggressive reckless play style go up by 12 notches.


great game, my xbox got stolen but imma cop it on pc again bless up