The world of Politics thread



Bernie did alright yesterday. I really hope he manages to catch up.


It’s still early. He is behind the curve if you will but it isn’t impossible for him to win. Ultimately, he (we) are winning even if he doesn’t get the nomination since it shows that the people can have a positive effect on politics.


It’s all down to young turnout and swaying minorities.

The sad thing is that I can see Drumpf beat Clinton, I don’t see him beating Sanders. I think people are making a big mistake.


Drumpf is getting way scarier. Please just pick Ted Cruz. I didn’t think I would care about a republican nom but here we are.


Also how has Ben Carson not dropped out already? I can’t believe he’s still in.


I’ll take Drumpf over Cruz

All day long


It’s not worth the risk. We’ve had our fun.

And it’s not funny anymore.


Cruz and Drumpf are equally bad, just for different reasons. The only consolation with Drumpf is that him being an outsider means it would be harder for him to do anything substantial.

Cruz is an insider and would be able to rally the GOP to do things I’d guess. Though the GOP doesn’t like him either. It is an odd time.



I’ll do my part and vote for Sanders in Illinois on the 15th.



I voted early for Sanders today at a fire department.


Some of the most powerful people in the technology industry met with Republican senators, party officials, and assorted billionaires on a private island last weekend, the Huffington Post reports, with the main topic of conversation being the rise of Donald Trump, and how best to stop him. Among those attending the event — the American Enterprise Institute’s World Forum — were Apple CEO Tim Cook, Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk, and Google co-founder Larry Page.

A private island? Really? :laughing:

This is only going to add fuel to the fire for Trump supporters.


Nothing has to happen for Drumpf supporters to support Drumpf. They already believe in a lot of stupid shit, what difference would something that’s actually real make.


Woop woop!!! Go Michigan!!!


Why are American’s so angry?




Save us, John Kaisch? Just anyone but Drumpf, I’m begging you.