Summer 2015 Anime | GT wasn't even its final form


Question for AnimeWYL. What is your favorite OP this season?

Fucking hands down, it’s this OP for me.


I almost always skip OPs until the end of the season because typically they’re pretty spoilerific


There aren’t any spoilers in the Gangsta OP. Its style reminds me of the Jojo OPs.


JoJos have the best OPs


I skipped the Stardust Crusaders ones. I don’t see any JoJo, the only semblance I can think of is Eureka Seven AO’s ED2.

I already posted my favorite OP this season.



I’m working through watching Stardust for the first time.

I’m not having a great time. About to swap up the first season.

Gonna have to honestly force myself to finish it.


Smoke a bowl or whatever it is people like you do and just sit through it.


i don’t know really

i don’t know what anime is anymore


Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei Herz! ep. 7

Holy shit, it is Gil!

They fire a magical cannon and he blocks it entirely!

And then Bazett jumps in and gets fucked up. Gil don’t play.


Ushio to Tora 10

There wasn’t an actual monster for Ushio and Tora to fight this week, which I thought was interesting. Technically, there was a new monster, but it wasn’t evil.


Huge discounts on ass-kicking, now dance.

Chris’s songs are always one note, but they’re also always about blowing you the fuck up so it’s fine.


getting around to the latest season of Durarara

izaya spends his spare time trolling suicidal people
what a guy


Well I mean, that was also kinda just the 2nd episode too.


also shizuo has a harem but its people who want him dead




i… i don’t know




Dragon Ball Super

what is this shit …


SCHOOL-LIVE! is full of fuck. It starts out with 100% chill until you get to the end of the first episode and it turns out there is no chill. Then you find out there’s a girl that has too much chill in a world that has no chill left to give. She becomes chill itself so everyone else can remain somewhat chill. Unfortunately the world is so unchill that it starts taking any chill that’s left. This is episode 10 of 12. I don’t think they’re gonna make it…

The opening of Gakkou Gurashi changes several times (so far, in episodes 2, 5, and 7). I compiled all the differences between these.
Fun fact: in the middle of 3 other parts that have changed so far,...


even during the apocalypse its reassuring to know cute girls will do cute things