Summer 2015 Anime | GT wasn't even its final form


Prison rape is okay because they’re criminals.


Rewatching Fate/Zero with my gf. Makes me watch it in dub, though X_X

She’s fucking hooked, too. I’m glad I know a lot more this time around. I missed a lot the first time I watched this.


Prison rape is a deplorable act.

If you’re coming at it from the angle of “all criminals should be arrested and go on trial”, you’re right.


I bet your mind was fun of fuck watching the first minute.


Monster Musume - 01

They air this on national television???


At midnight, yes.


Ok, fair enough.


So I just finished marathoning Parasyte this week.

Solid solid show, as expected of Madhouse.



Actually after thinking about it, the Parasyte story and especially the ending were much more introspective and thoughtful than I was expecting going into this show. The more I think about it the more I like it.


Monster Harem - 02


This shit is like straight black tar heroin


Durarara is still p. good.



A while ago I wachted Aldnoah Zero with a friend (is that the title of the anime?). It was a bit weak to be honest. Very predictable, it does nothing out of the ordinary.


Thank you for “joining the conversation.” Yeah, it’s one of those unambitious shows that just knows what it is and tries to do it well. The characters were utter shit and the plot was absolutely crazy, but I still had fun with it. It had great action scenes and the oneupsmanship was pretty entertaining to see. How much did you watch? Did you finish the second season?


Oh man i never did finish that.

Not in a hurry either tbh. What a BORE holy shit.


Probably gonna wrap up Plastic Memories tonight. Might cry a bit, might not.


I disagree that it does nothing out of the ordinary. Its most compelling aspect is Inaho outsmarting the Versian Orbital Knights by applying his vast knowledge of sciences, despite the Versians having advanced weaponry. As for Slaine, well, yeah, he was lame. The end of the first season takes a very unpredictable turn.

@MidnightTrain you can cry on my shoulder. Lean on me.


I have more impressions of episodes I’ve been watching, but there’s more to watch, so I’ll wait to post about them.


Uhhhh, Slaine was definitely the best one. Inaho had less soul than the machines he fought with.


Yeah. Inaho had the personality of a rock, but having an interesting personality isn’t the only trait that would make a good character. To put it another way, all I wanted out of Inaho were his clever battles with the Orbital Knights. That more than made up for his stunted social skills. And Slaine was just stupid. I was with him until he killed Sauzbaum and turned into the very thing he hated by becoming a tyrant. Let’s be frank, it’s not like Slaine was that much more of a likable character, compared to Inaho.


Wait, you were with Slaine UNTIL he killed him? If he DIDN’T kill him that would have been literally the worst. I barely managed to watch up to that scene.