Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Wha? What… waht the hell is that!!!1!


Aww yeah

That feels right


The first part showing the Imperial event looks cool. Good shot of Rey and BB as well. As for the last part, I don’t think John Boyega fits the role as the lead Jedi role (that isn’t necessarily clear if he’s the main character or not, or it might be both him and Rey). He seems like a decent actor, but not lead role caliber. It probably doesn’t fit with the story of the new trilogy, but I could see him being a supporting character who is a Jedi. In the new trilogy, there probably aren’t any Jedi in huge numbers anymore.


How do you know he is a Jedi? There is no rule that non-Jedi’s can’t use lightsabers. I hope you’re issue isn’t with him being winded.

I think it looks interesting, and it would be intriguing if there was more than one budding Jedi.


True, I don’t. I should refrain from talking about anything about the story since we know next to nothing about it. He’s definitely no match for Kylo in that scene. Kylo looks like he’s a trained Sith. Maybe he’s an amateur as well. Who knows.


Finn and Rey: Jedi Detective Agency

Do it.


The Force is strong with this poster.


Another Death Star? Lame.

Han looks tired. Leia looks lol. I shudder to think what Luke will look like.


Old people look old. Thanks Leo.


One key person is missing from that poster…


Or is he…? What if you just don’t know who he is…




There is quite a bit of background information out in the wild, and not leaked rumors or anything, but official.

I’ll spoiler tag it all.

  • After the Battle of Endor, the fallen Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance changed their names to First Order and Resistance, respectively. The former went through reorganization after Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader were killed.
  • First Order leader is the Supreme Leader, Snoke. He is a dark side user. Not a Sith.
  • Kylo Ren is also a dark side user. Not a Sith. He is obsessed with Darth Vader. In addition to taking part in missions with First Order, he is also a member of Knights of Ren. The “Ren” in his name is actually a title like “Darth”.
  • Captain Phasma is the captain in First Order. She commands the troopers.
  • General Hux is the commanding officer of the First Order base, which is called Starkiller Base.
  • Resistance is led by General Leia Organa.



This was the point I got choked up.


kylo ren has a cool voice i hope he wins


where’s luuuuuke


He’s probably forcing some stuff.


‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Shatters Ticket Sales Records

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has established a new record, bypassing “The Hunger Games” as to move the most tickets in its first day on sale, Fandango reports. It didn’t just surpass that picture, it shattered its benchmark, outselling “The Hunger Games” eight times over.


This is a Japanese trailer for The Force Awakens. It’s similar to the most recent trailer released in the US, but it contains a bunch of new footage. Still no Luke.