Star Wars: The Force Awakens



Check for pacemakers if you’re near that thing.


I read an interesting comment about the new movie that I hadn’t realized. Kylo Ren, the masked Sith person, is most likely looking for Vader’s mask, if you consider the footage seen in both trailers out so far, and keeping in mind of the Return of the Jedi ending. Vader’s body was burned with his mask on during his funeral. In the new trailer, you catch a glimpse of Vader’s melted mask, and in the first trailer, there’s a brief scene of Kylo sneaking in a snowy forest. He could be on Endor, where Vader’s body was burned. Needless to say, Kylo is obsessed with Vader in a cult-like manner. That would be insanely cool if Kylo was Luke’s alter-ego.


Imagine the ball droid and TARS in a movie.

TARS could play footy with the ball droid, this thing writes itself.


I assumed that the Sith Ren is working for (Max Von Sydo’s character, maybe?) was the one obsessed with the artifacts, including Vader’s head.


Also, a lot of people think that it’s Leia that’s handing Anakin’s lightsaber to Rey. I think it’s the other way around. I’m thinking Rey came across it while scavenging or something.


I didn’t know that Kylo was working for a Sith. Is Kylo not a Sith?

That’s odd that that’s the consensus among people because when I first saw that, I had assumed it was a minor character giving a lightsaber to Leia. I didn’t think it was Anakin’s lightsaber. It’s possible, but it could also be Luke’s lightsaber.


I just remembered that I had a sort of observations post after the last teaser. Gonna do the same for teaser #2.

  • The buried Star Destroyer is of the commonly seen Imperial-class from the previous movies. However, the crashed X-Wing is one of the newer T-70 variants.

  • Vader’s head is resting on some sort of pith.

  • The guy resting his bio-hand on R2-D2’s dome had his hand cut off at one point. Some did not surmise this being Luke Skywalker because of his fleshy variant from TESB.

  • Also, some did not realize that Mark Hamill was narrating either. The narration is a repeat of his revelation to Leia on Ender during ROTJ with an extra line at the end. The entire thing seems rerecorded.

  • A lot of people think that it’s Leia that’s handing Anakin’s lightsaber to Rey. I think it’s the other way around. I’m thinking Rey came across it while scavenging or something.

  • When Rey and Finn run away from the explosion, a TIE fighter can be spotted at the top left of the frame.

  • When Kylo Ren does his force push, stormtroopers are rounding up people to his right.

  • The Stormtrooopers scene. New TIE fighter to the left. Snowy mountains behind (Hoth?). New Imperial? logo.

  • That Rey look (yum).

  • New Star Destroyer (class unknown).

  • BB-88 peeking around a Falcon bulkhead. Hella dirty in there.


Remember the Rule of Two for the Sith. There’s always a master (Rumored to be Von Sydow’s unrevealed character) and an apprentice (Kylo Ren) to become powerful enough either to strike him down or fail and be replaced by another apprentice.

It’s Anakin’s second saber from the prequels and Luke’s saber from the first movie. The one he loses when Vader chops his hand off in TESB.


I’m betting that Rey will not be related at all and will just be a force user.

Daisy Ridley said the planet is called Jakku. It should be Tatooine, though.

Young, inexperienced Imperial trooper in a constant state of shellshock in response to resistance. He’s searching for bravery and I think it’ll level out in time.


Yeah, unless they decide to use the Sith Order or Rule of One structures. Both essentially having one supreme Sith ruler, and many followers. I think they’ll stick to the Rule of Two, going by the sequel trilogy’s ongoing theme of reflecting on the original trilogy’s atmosphere and theme.

Never! She must be Jaina Solo only under the new canon name of Rey Solo! :>

It could go either way. Whichever scenario they decide to use would be fine by me. It would be odd if Luke, Leia, and Han decided not to have any children, though. Unless you do see their children, but they’re not the new heroes. Just minor characters. That’d make an interesting, more realistic twist.

Oh that’s right. Retread-ahoy!

Good point. I hope I warm up to him.



That’s hilariously brilliant.


No it isn’t.


So wait, are all the stormtroopers no longer clones of Jango Fett in TFA? Did the clone trooper program shut down after the Emperor and Vader died?


The clones were done before ANH. The majority were wiped out during the Clone Wars.


December can’t come soon enough.


Hard to believe it’s out in four months. I’m going to be in the dark starting now.


High-res versions of the photos that were released last week. I wonder if Captain Phasma is a cyborg…