Reading thread of novels, novellas and novelettes


I’ve almost reached the bottom of my to-read pile. This time I wanted fantasy, science fiction or something history related. The closest I could find was book five in a pentalogy. Instead I ended up reading another Lee Child novel starring Jack Reacher. One Shot is fast-paced and exciting from the first page.


Mr. Mercedes (2014) is supposed to be the first traditional thriller written by Stephen King. So far it doesn’t feel any different than his other novels but perhaps there won’t be a supernatural twist this time.


I ran out of interesting novels at home and ended up borrowing a stack of classics. First up is To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) by Harper Lee. It is exceptionally well written.


bought a handful of sci fi books that were on the cheapo, The Gods Themselves, The Stars My Destination, Three Stigmatas of James Lipton and… wait let me thing… The Fifth Head of Cerberus i think.

reading the very first and it’s a ton of fun, always wanted to read Asimov but never actually have, i’m lovin it


Read Fifth Head of Cerberus and that is genuinely one of the best stories I have seen. The writing was ridiculously good too. Got the feeling books don’t get much better than that but I’m really not the person to say that kind of stuff.

Reading Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch now… Sort of enjoying it but for some reason I don’t like the kind of sci fi aesthetic it’s going for. Feels too much like that kind of typical 60’s futurism and ehh… not my thing.

Reading itself really is great though can recommend


havent been reading as much lately
a few weeks back i read blood music by greg bear
if youve read childhoods end its similar to that book, only its about cells instead of aliens

also Vitals also by Greg bear, way better book
its about two brother scientists obsessed with living forever and also cool noirish vibes and conspiracy’s and mind control shit’
honestly itd make a really cool movie

right now im reading “too like the lightning” mostly because it was nominated for a hugo and thats enough for me
but its possibly one of the weirdest books Ive read, ever


I’m really enjoying Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson and it feels like I’ve been reading it for months. The only parts that I dislike is the made up countries and the involvement of famous historic persons.


I borrowed another three Jack Reacher novels. First up is The Enemy (2004).


This week I learned that Elon Musk grew up reading two books a day. I’m not going to complete with that but I figured I could read more frequently.

I’m now reading Gör ditt barn rikt [Make Your Child Rich] (2017). It was gifted to me and it offers advice on both how to invest money and how to pass on good habits.


The novel version of I, Robot (1950) is a lot better than the Will Smith movie. Poor Robbie :cry:


Brother bought me the Dune trilogy, single book print and 889 pages long… for four euros! Crazy.


The second and third Dune books have been in my to-read pile for a decade.


I’m over halfway The Stars My Destination. I really like it. Haphazardly flipping through the book revealed some weird things towards the end which i’m excited to reach. It’s a very different experience from the books i read previously, not so obviously entrenched in sci fi, even if it starts out with an amazing spaceship set piece. Something about its writing and preoccupations puts it apart from, say, even the anachronistic aristocracy of Fifth Head of Cerberus, which it shares but shows in a very different light… it’s hard to describe. There’s an exaltation of that kind of living and such a shallow representation of other social landscapes that betrays a disinterest in really thinking about humanity in general, something that i feel is usually strongly associated with sci fi. That said i do appreciate many of the characters, even if at times i find myself unsure whether the way the women are treated in the story would be, uh, less offensive when the book was released than today, and whether that difference is represented in the text of novel, of it’s just an illusion of mine.

Finished The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, have more feelings about it but i can definitely say that my appreciation of it changed dramatically once it began the the last big arc of the story. The tone, atmosphere and general implication of the events became so different that i started to enjoy it a lot more. Got a bit preachy for a second there… which was weird.


I’m almost done with yet another Lee Child novel. Gone Tomorrow (2009) is easily consumable non-stop action from the opening paragraph.

Suicide bombers are easy to spot.They give out all kinds of tell-tale signs. Mostly because they’re nervous. By definition they’re all first timers.


Moon Dreams (1988) by Brad Strickland is about a guy getting stuck in a world between people’s dreams. The first chapters were filled with vivid descriptions of the weirdness of dreaming, which I liked.


Started Dune a little while ago, and by now i’m mostly starting to enjoy the feeling that you can really tell how each writer has its distinct feeling and style. With Dune, it was pretty amazing how even just a handful of pages into it you could already discern that this is a beast of a novel, the kind that’s built like a huge castle, full of nooks and crannies and this raw, solid, historied, tactile feeling to the characters and world. Really enjoying my time with it, especially the tact it has when dealing with the cultural shock of the main characters dealing with the features and people of Arrakis. Also, the general respect and awe that the book has for the planet and its features is a kind of environmentalism that inspires some deeper appreciation for geology/ecology that i didn’t know i had!


Personal (2014) by Lee Child is the last Jack Reacher novel in the stack I borrowed. It has the same page-turning qualities as his other books.

I also watched ten minutes of the first movie, starring Tom Cruise, and it was terrible.


A human child, conceived during the first Mars expedition, is brought up by Martians and returns with the second expedition as an adult to earth. While he tries to cope with a new language and a completely different society, the greedy Earthlings are quick to exploit him for their own needs. The first part of Stranger in Strange Land (1961) by Robert A. Heinlein is fantastic and it’s always fun to read futuristic visions in older sci-fi novels.


Finally found Blankets at an accessible price. Not very deep into it, but really invested in what i’ve seen so far.


read this book called The Dark Forest, currently reading the sequel Deaths end
sadly i didnt know the dark forest was the second part of a trilogy so i missed a bit

Still im pretty sure the author cixin liu might be one of the greatest scifi writers ever

ive only read maybe 50 scifi books tho but im still pretty sure