Reading thread of novels, novellas and novelettes


I really want to pick up the sequel to Thief’s Magic, but I decided to read something from my to-read pile.

Peace and War by Joe Haldeman is a space war trilogy inspired by the Vietnam war. I believe Viz or Chapel recommended it to me. So far I’m really liking it. War. War never changes…


Forever War is a fantastic take on future interstellar war.

Forever Free starts out really slow and at times it almost reads like fan service. There are good parts and also parts that are a bit too close to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for my taste.

Forever Peace is also a great novel inspired by modern wars and the human condition.

Now I’m reading Masters of Doom by David Kushner. The first chapter is excellent and it is probably worth reading even if you aren’t interested in video game history.


I picked up the only Canavan novel I haven’t read yet. It’s a bit too heavy to carry around.


Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks is filled with fascinating stories about people blessed or cursed by various conditions associated with music. The brain physiology parts are a bit too light on details so I prefer reading the parts about human fates.


I picked up five books for the equivalent of a dollar at a flea market.

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson is a great read. I’m learning a lot about things I feel I should already know.


I haven’t read something by Grisham in ages. The Brethren has a great opening scene.


The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford covers basic economic theory in a fun and easy way.


The Redemption of Althalus by David and Leigh Eddings is another flea market bargain. The writing feels rushed, despite being the thickest pocket I own. Within the first 50 pages, more than a year has gone by and the protagonist has already traveled all over the world.


oh I finished Pandoras Star by Peter F. Hamilton

probably the best scifi book ive read since Blindsight and ive read a lot


Are they standalone? If so, I’ll add them to my Christmas wishlist.


Pandoras Star has one sequel im reading it now, its called Judas Unchained, its pretty good too so far

Blindsight is really good, its more about exploring scifi concepts then the multiple viewpoints/space opera stuff of pandoras star tho, it also has a sequel called Echopraxia, not as focused but also interesting


Thanks, Viz!


The novel by Eddings above was quite bad. I’ll avoid him in the future.

This morning I started reading The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafón and it was an excellent pick. It starts out just before Christmas. The timing couldn’t be better. Hopefully it is as good as the previous books in the series.


finished judas unchained, pretty good but just ok ending

started Babylon’s Ashes, book six of the expanse series
its only 400 something pages which is pretty weak imo, i guess they are busy with the tv show or something


The Camel Club by David Baldacci is a crime novel written about a puzzling murder in the capital. It’s filled with spies, terrorist, government agencies and conspiracy nuts. It was released a decade ago and the author’s pessimistic prediction of the development of the Middle East is surprisingly accurate.

I really enjoyed Baldacci’s first five novels and this one is pretty good too.


I Am Pilgrim is the debut novel from screenwriter and journalist Terry Hayes. He has previously been involved in classic movies like Mad Max and From Hell. The opening chapter takes place at a brutal murder scene and then it quickly changes into spy drama. I prefer the crime parts. The protagonist has the perception and knowledge of Sherlock Holmes.


I believe Never Go Back (2013) is the first novel I read by Lee Child. It’s a really great fast paced thriller about an ex-military hardass that’s having a bad day turning worse by the minute.

The protagonist, Jack Reacher, is supposed to be unusually tall, but somehow Tom Cruise landed the role in the movie adaptation.


Kaninjägaren (The Rabbit Hunter) (2016) is the 6th novel in the popular crime series by the Swedish author duo that go by the pen name Kepler. The Swedish Security Service is confounded by the violent murder of the foreign minister and now they are racing against time to protect other potential high profile political targets. The story takes place in my home town and as always I’m well familiar with all of the places.


im readin children of dune
its the third dune book
I think its better than the second and maybe as good as the first


I have the second and third Dune book at home, but I could never get through the second one. Maybe I should start over from the beginning.

Also, we need another Dune RTS game. Emperor is underappreciated.