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It comes recommended by a dear friend.




@toku this is you


might be


also thought of toku


Semi reminds me of Oats Studios



RIP in p @John


For a second I thought John died and I was going to need to put in for bereavement at work :sweat_smile:


if the soul dies, is that not the same?


Getting $35k in tax returns for the last 3 years :slight_smile:
Working the rest of 2019 then retiring to Fiji!


I grew tired of Fiji in ten days.

If I had to relocate to another country I would probably end up in Canada or New Zealand.


Oh you’ve been? NZ would be pick number one but I think it’s pretty hard to become a resident. My girl already has a house and acreage on one of the smaller islands and she’s spent years there. How did you get sick of surfing, snorkeling the reefs, spearfishing, all that so fast?!


The problem with paradise is it stops being paradise once you live there.


True I’m sure, but it’s more about living off the land, avoiding this sick society we live in, and feeding my little boy real foods instead of poison. The paradise part is just an addition :grin:
Plus I go down there with my money and it doubles, living like a king!


When I was 20 I backpacked around the world and stopped by Fiji on my way to NZ. Compared to other places it was underdeveloped. The restaurants weren’t good, there were few bars and no night clubs. The parts that we visited had no national parks or nature treks. The reefs were only accessible by boat.

Maybe it would have been different if I was traveling on a higher budget. Either way, I enjoyed New Zealand and Australia a lot more than Fiji. If I wanted to experience tropical paradises again then I would head to South East Asia. I have never been to Thailand, Laos, or Vietnam.


I’ve heard great things about NZ. In particular how the ppl are friendly especially compared to Australia.


Yep, that was my experience too. It can partially be explained by the smaller towns that I visited in NZ. City people tend to be less friendly.


It’s just too bad NZ is part of the five eyes spy ring and they just turned themselves into a police state over the terrible event that happened.

I don’t dig places with strict gun control or certain pro-US policies. Fiji has some strict laws too but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get my stuff in there anyway.


MMMmmm. My favorite time of year. Annual week long training from home .