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I’ve been at home with my son all year. This week he’s starting daycare and he loves it.




Micro changes in air density, my ass.


You know what sucks? Having diarrhea for four days and not knowing why. Eventually I figured it out and it appears I might have an allergy to eggs of all things. :frowning:

A month or so ago I also started showing signs of lactose intolerance, so yeah my gut hates anything I like to eat…

In the good news category, @Chimera and I are going to Yellowstone for our honeymoon. We will be staying there for six days with around three days on either side for driving to and from.


I’m liking the new SAO so far. This season is going to be around 50 episodes, so it will be nice to see what a more long-form story arc looks like. It seems like it’ll fulfill the promise of what the original Sword Art Online could have been i.e. less vertical slices/vignettes and more day-to-day adventuring.


what is love


Binging when it’s done and dusted.



On a work trip to Valencia, Spain for 2 weeks. Took a Paella cooking class yesterday and it was so fun!


That looks delicious! Waiting another hour for lunch is going to be excruciating.


That looks pretty good. Damn, I love rice dishes.


Also, Thinkgeek.com is offering 50% off everything with the code DOTCOM.

I just picked up a GoT Longclaw replica for $125 :stuck_out_tongue:


@LabouredSubterfuge your sarcasm is palpable over on Era :heart:

So many people don’t get it.




Well if you cowards aren’t going to say it, I will. Merry Critical Mass. And may 2019 bring you the apocalypse you always wished for.


Miserable Crustmas you consumer scum


Happy Yule!





You would say that, wouldn’t you?