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Had a friend come over with his kid. 9 years old. He asked me if I played Fortnite. I don’t but I quickly install it on my PC for him. He then plays it in front of me and destroys everyone… with a controller. Mindblown


Then I realized how big companies have them by the nuts with cosmetics and microtransactions.



It’s really weird that Father’s Day is celebrated on various days across the world. Ours is in November and I can never remember the exact date.


I predict 2-1 to Sweden.


Sverige not winning this.


England is the better team.


England were lucky not to face one of the big teams.


France and England in the final would be pretty awesome.


They’re going home.


How’d Holland do?



i fucking hate summer and everyone’s moved away, please end me


This 30+˚ C heat is excruciating.


It was pretty bad here too.


Bread before agriculture fuuuuuuuuuuyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Do it, David Production/Araki. The fans have spoken.

The animation looks great. So ready for new JoJo.


How have ya been, WYL?


My job keeps giving me more money and it’s getting almost funny now (this is not a brag btw I’m ok not amazing). On my 3rd pay raise of the year and have more than doubled my wages this year lol.

What I’m saying is this timeline is badly glitched.


I have fallen into a computer repair job myself. Better pay, better work. Wifey is about to get a new job also, where she’s not going to be yelled at for shit that isn’t her fault.

Also…we bought a house. We homeowners.

I agree with horse. Timeline is glitched. :slight_smile: