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Dems the words of someone that does curr.


when my brother was like “everyone died”, but you could tell he knew they really didn’t, it’s all i needed to know about that movie


SpongeBob dies


I’d watch another Black Panther. Might even go back and watch Ant Man since I heard Edgar Wright was involved. I have my doubts that Avengers is so good people are seeing it twice.


Ant Man is more comedic than the other superhero movies. I enjoyed it.


Vision was robbed.


Have you seen Thor: Ragnarok?


Yes, its tone is similar to the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. It’s a great movie on its own, although it doesn’t fit in with the first two movies. I also take issue with how it portraits Norse gods.


How have you all been? I missed this place. Good to see it’s still up and running. I’ll post more often again.


Well, I’ve been waiting forever for a new anime thread.


Shoot. Maybe I’ll have to do one then.


working on dying


I’m on parental leave for another three months. My challenges are very different from what I’m used to.


switched from chrome back to ff and the only thing i miss is the imgur add on that uploads stuff to my imgur account and not anonymously


Got the worst sunburn of my life (partner says I look like a semaphore lol). Guess I need to be more diligent with sunscreen lol.


Click my avatar.


You could click mine as well. :stuck_out_tongue:




now to get this place popping again