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Grats m8


Oh dang, congrats, dude!!


In December some of my sign on RSUs vested. The stock market has hit our ticker hard, but it is still nice to sell them now that we aren’t in a blackout period. From vesting to selling now, I’ve lost $12k in value. :frowning:

Regardless of the capital loss, it has allowed us to pay off all of our credit cards and potentially our car as well. Feels good.


2018 gonna be a good year for everybody. Bare blessings. <3


i can’t believe it’s the 3rd month already, insane!
my life’s going to be over too sooooon


Today I had a hawk and a deer in my backyard at the same time. Having nature so close while living in a capital is awesome.


My dog escaped from my parents (I’m out of state) and social media rallied a whole manhunt to find her. eventually someone found her almost a mile away and they were able to grab her before it got too dark. Phew!


That is awesome to hear. I mean it sucks she got out, but that people rallied around to help get her. Glad the crisis was averted.


I work in Detroit, and we’ve got two hawks that I think nest up on our roof. I see them gliding right at my window all the time, it’s beautiful.


Yesterday I had a squirrel visiting. Food must be getting scarce in the forest.


We’ve got a woodpecker in our neighborhood and it makes me want to punch things.


If you could just ignore things like I do, it wouldn’t bother you.


I love woodpeckers, but thankfully the nearest one lives far enough from my house so I can’t hear it from my garden.


You know I’m not like that :stuck_out_tongue:



If you casual anime fans have been waiting for your next recc, here it is:


Who is the production company? Animation looks stellar. Reminds me of cowboy bebop-ish style mixed with some late-80s/90s designs.


Not sure what they’ve done that you would’ve seen. Maybe Zetman or Lupin?

The character designs are new but it is a reimaging of Ashita no Joe, a late 60s boxing manga.


Lads, Infinity War


I wish I cared about the Marvel universe at all.

Oh, wait…

Nope, actually pretty glad I don’t. :stuck_out_tongue: