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Currently pooping, dry shits are the bees knees. Hope ya’ll have been good. I was still in college when this community first got together, feels good to see it’s still good over here.



@chapel and I adopted a puppy a few weeks ago. He’s kind of the best. Very smart, playful, cuddly, and the cutest little guy! His name is Buzz and he came from Taiwan.
As far as we know, he’s about 6 months old and a German Shepherd/Formosan Mountain Dog mix.




Awwww, he’s adorable!! Congrats :smiley:


So, this place is still alive. Lovely.


We’re all dead inside though.


The real world isn’t real at all.


Show me someone who isn’t dead inside


It’s me, Laboured.




lol liar


ok but now I have the worst fucking hangover


It might be a toomah


One day we will thrive.