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I’m tying the knot on the 22nd. Heading back to our hometown.


Congrats to the both of you!


why did i think you were already married

all you fuckers getting married and breeding and shit soon it’s just gonna be me and @das jerking each off with @LabouredSubterfuge watching in the corner


You don’t have to be single to watch.


Omg I am being pushed for the project manager life nooooooo


When are you getting married? That’s the next step.


Well at the pace things are going maybe this Sunday




What a time to be alive.


You’re about to be big and nothing can stop it


I just want to be rich without the trouble is that too much to ask


You should try pulling up your bootstraps and having rich parents m8.


Have you also tried acquiring medicinal patents and jacking the prices.


you’re gonna be alright john


Overrated. Can’t take it with you when you’re six feet under. I just want enough to live a humble life.


I wanna live in the city, sleep by the sound of cars deep beneath and the light of towering buildings


Sounds distracting. Noise pollution would get to me.


REad towering bulges, I hate this headache