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Hippy bath day!


Man I have a new smartphone and this whole fingerprint business is really cool


What phone did you buy?


Moto G5, old one suddenly died and this seems like a great cheap phone. I like that it doesn’t look like a prestige product and the Android looks like it’s pretty much stock which i also like.


Yeah, I have to get a new phone, too. Was at Verizon this morning. We’ve got our wedding coming up, and it’s up in northern Michigan where Sprint has 0 service. Can’t really go our entire wedding weekend without being reachable, but also we’ve been wanting to ditch Sprint for a long time. It’s just the worst.

Bad news is that my 1yr old S7 isn’t compatible with Verizon, so I have to trade it in and buy a fresh one. Not really money I wanted to spend, but I’m pumped for the new Pixel 2 XL. Been stuck with so-so samsungs for too long. Most excited for the camera on it!!


S8 has set a new standard for Samsung phones @MidnightTrain. Either S8 or S9 will be my next phone. I respect Google’s Pixel smartphone specs, but I’m looking for an all-screen front, and Galaxy offers me that, without a silly bezel “notch”, convoluted hand gestures or no headphone jack. Those last things were jabs at the iPhone X. The only downside to Galaxy phones is the non-stock Android OS they use. Too lazy to root and install stock Android as well.


Yeah, the whole bezel-less thing looks sweet, and the screen itself on the Pixel isn’t anything special I guess. But the speakers on the pixel are supposed to be great, along with dat camera. But what’s pushed me from samsung, more then pulling me to Google, is their software. It’s just laggy and terrible. Looking forward to base android with no bullshit.

And I really ragged on Apple when they ditched their headphone jack, but I’ve had BT headphones forever, so I haven’t used the aux input in years.


Doing some more reading about comparisons between the S8 and P2, I think OS performance is more important than an all-screen front in the long run. I may get the Pixel 2 XL. Is there any chance that the Pixel 3 will have an all-screen front? :frowning:


I go to watch Blade Runner for a second time, and for the second time as we’re leaving the theatre someone behind me is complaining about not enough action.



Human scum.


Speaking of Stranger Things, season 2 was great. Not better than Season 1, but I wouldn’t say it’s worse either, just different.


I watched six episodes this weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. Hopefully I can find time for the remaining three episodes soon.


Screenshot from 2017-11-08 21-35-02

I enjoy torturing myself.



Welcome home!


God. I need to do Arch, but fuck, it’s intiidating.

I’m probably gonna move to Antergos or Solus soon once I get my bearings.

Did you get a new laptop?


This is my PC, if you notice the specs. :wink:

My work laptop is a Dell like yours.

Lately I haven’t done much tinkering with Linux and just use it, but I have a very comfortable setup between my PC and laptop that it would be hard to go to anything else for day to day usage.

Everything from moving between “screens” and editing is keyboard controlled. I do not miss having a desktop and only got a file manager on my laptop since I was dealing with a lot of odd files and wanted something that would open from Chrome after downloading.




Holy shit!