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27 and only now understanding what cc and bcc are for, fml


Uh, credit card and… bronze credit card?


Carbon copy. He’s talking about e-mail probably.


They are quite useful, mainly bcc. For those of us that have our emails heavily filtered it allows us to prioritize emails directly to us instead of just an email we are on the chain.


BCC is dope ancient internet magic


Talk to me about the new Firefox. Hot damn.




What it do?


yo this is fast huh


Seems like it keeps websites from breaking if you block their CDN (for those unaware they’re basically platforms to host and serve content, websites might use this to save on local hosting or guarantee faster content delivery e.g.).

And also blocks tracking requests? Maybe.


Server is up and going. It’s been fun romping about in Linux again. :slight_smile:


The new Firefox is indeed very nice. It is more responsive than ever.

I still prefer Chrome’s development tools, but for general browsing Firefox is my fave.


You guys wanna see some wedding pics? Because you’re about to see some wedding pics

Best day of my stupid little life


awww shiit


Good gravy, you’re a giant!!

(Congratulations!!! ^_^))


Amazing photos. Congratulations!


Very nice! Grats, man.


Congrats Trang


omg i lost my flash drive :frowning:

my backup’s from ten days ago :cry:


congrats on the bless up