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No lies detected.





100% cummy


Best bang for your rupees. Basically around the same performance as a gtx 1070.





This looks fun. I won’t play it near launch, but once I pick up a headset it will be one of the first things that I pick up.


Ya I’m now prolly thinking I’m getting an Index. Looks too cummy.


I’ve still got my OG Vive, can’t wait for this. Gonna need to pick up the index controllers and a new GPU though.


Actually never tried VR. I’m long-sighted and my right eye is kinda useless. From what I’ve read this shouldn’t be a huge problem (save for depth perception which is fucked for me IRL anyways lol).


Why couldn’t they have made a normal first person shooter and tacked VR compatibility on afterwards?


There’s plenty of that already, and it’s not great in VR. In order to do it right you really have to develop a VR title from the ground up. Especially when you’re trying to make it your “flagship” system seller.


Logical as fuck.


u mad, bro?


“Logical as fuck” can be interpreted as both agreeing and disagreeing.