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I got invited to the GOG Galaxy 2.0 beta and connected six other gaming services. That’s pretty convenient.

Edit: +705 games added. 939 games in total. Hopefully I can find something to play.


Just signed up for the beta.




Has that gotten proper Linux support yet?


I haven’t tried it yet. It is not officially supported, but these days a lot of things work fine anyway.

The only game that I play on Linux is Magic: The Gathering Arena.


I’ve been wanting access but no go yet on the beta.


I got beta access but registered with another email not on my gog account not thinking that would be a problem but it is lol


It will always be Ion Maiden to me.


I can’t stomach first person survival horror games so this is the only way I can enjoy Alien: Isolation.



looks better than i expected


might start playing siege again


Cool that the industry is getting #metoo’d. Overdue.


I’m going through withdrawal whilst waiting for the my pc parts to arrive. Agony.



Great news.



You might be preaching to the choir but I’ll fucking listen all the same.