Pitchfork's best 50 albums of 2014


# 27 My Krazy Life by YG is decent hip-hop. All rappers on it are very talented, but music and lyrics aren’t resonating with me.


# 26 Rips by Ex Hex is bland rock-pop.


# 25 Broke With Expensive Taste by Azealia Banks is surprisingly great. I thought it would be mindless pop, but it’s much closer to Spank Rock, Missy Elliott and other artists that I like.


Thank you! I’ve been saying it from the very beginning. She is supremely overrated, even for a vanilla pop singer. She’s like another Madonna, but people are making her music out to be more than pop trash.


That goes for most pop music. It’s made to be approachable and instantly likable.

Madonna has made some great songs.


I really like Style.


Madonna is my #1 for pop music.


madonna might not even be the best but she def is one of the most important pop artists, not to mention female pop artists

personally that’s even higher praise


# 24 Sunbathing Animal by Parquet Courts. Parts of this albums are really good. Others are not. I should probably listen to it a few more times before I judge it.


# 23 I Never Learn by Lykke Li is rather boring.


#22 Singles by Future Islands. I really like “Spirit” but most of the tracks aren’t as good.


#21 High Life by Brian Eno / Karl Hyde. I don’t get it.


#20 Hell Can Wait EP by Vince Staples is better than most new hip-hop. Still not great though.


If you listen to the lyrics of that song, you’d think it was solely made to be used by clothing store chains for their commercials. The hook is catchy, but the lyrics are bad.


#19 Are We There by Sharon Van Etten reminds me a bit of Aimee Mann. It’s pretty good.


#18 Xen by Arca is the wrong type of experimental for me. Sometimes it reminds me of Aphex Twin, which is a good thing, but often it is just ambient space sounds. Maybe it’s one of those albums you have to listen to twenty times before you “get it”.

#17 You’re Dead! by Flying Lotus is a fantastic album that I’ve listened to a lot. His albums have been great since he added Thundercat on bass.


#16 St. Vincent by St. Vincent is better than the previous material I’ve heard from the same group.


#15 Burn Your Fire for No Witness by Angel Olsen was more to my taste. I’ll add it to one of my playlists.


# 14 Atlas by Real Estate is too pop-y.


#13 They Want My Soul by Spoon. I’ve listened a lot to Spoon’s older albums but I somehow missed this one. It seems pretty good so I’ll add it to the rotation.