Pitchfork's best 50 albums of 2014


#48, Clark by Clark, is pretty good and relaxing background music.


#47, Dude Incredible by Shellac, is not that punk rock. It reminds me a bit of The Breeders.


#46, My Everything by Ariana Grande. Shitty pop.


#45. Faith in Strangers by Andy Stott. Not available through Spotify.


…You must continue. :slight_smile:


I did continue.

#42 In Conflict by Owen Pallett is pretty good although not as amazing as his earlier work.

I don’t remember most of these so I’ll continue from #39.


Ought is non-offensive and would be good background music. It’s not as catchy as other similar bands.


The Moon Rang Like a Bell by Hundred Waters is actually really nice. Kinda like Björk.


Thanks for reminding me to get this album


#37 Say Yes to Love by Perfect Pussy would have been much better with better audio quality on the vocal track. Poor audio quality and excessive distortion is not punk, it is just a way to hide the lack of talent.


#36 Aquarius by Tinashe is solid quality R&B.


#35 Lese Majesty by Shabazz Palaces is not my type of hip-hop.


Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature is competing for my attention.

#34 Here and Nowhere Else by Cloud Nothings is pretty good. I must have listened to too much technical death metal lately when music described as “feral and ferocious” sounds like melodic pop.


# 33 Tha Tour Part 1 by Rich Gang is not available on Spotify. The previous album from 2013 is awful so I’m not going to bother with it.


#32 Deep Fantasy by White Lung. Wait, I know this album. Either, I’ve come this far before or I found this album some other way. The opening track is fantastic. The rest of the album is a bit weaker.


You’re running out of time arch m8.


He can do it!


# 31 1989 by Taylor Swift is not on Spotify so I listened to a playlist on YouTube instead. She has a good voice, but the music is not interesting at all.

# 30 Plowing Into the Field of Love by Iceage is ruined by the vocals. Maybe it’s just my anti-Danish bias.


# 29 “What Is This Heart?” by How to Dress Well is quality R&B. It’s a bit too slow as working music, but I’ll give it another try as background music tonight.


# 28 Bestial Burden by Pharmakon. I like noise and this could have been great with added drums, guitar or bass. As it is now it is closer to ambience sounds than music.