the ricoh vf? that thing is expensive yo

time to go daido on them bitches




The only drawback of this camera for me is that it’s doesn’t perform well in low light. Everything else is just peachy.

I was planning on taking a lot of photos today but then it started chucking down with rain moments later.


the flash is pretty good if you’re into that



i wish flickr would let me see how people find my photos, i’ve been getting some followers here and there and i simply have no idea how they’re finding my photos


I suppose if you tag your photos anyone could find them.


Hospitals are eerie at night.



@John I’m having trouble uploading pics onto flickr, how about you?


hmm, i’ll check later today, they rolled out the new interface not long ago so maybe that’s the problem


hmm, mines are getting stuck at ~70%, then reuploading and getting stuck again

guess we’ll have to wait until they upload their own uploading software


It seems to be working now.


Flickr robots now add their own tags to your photo. Fucking obnoxious.


Are the tags accurate?




Surprisingly so.


That’s pretty awesome from a technological perspective even though the feature is annoying.



woah, sharp as hell