dat ricoh magic



@John Do you still go out with your camera?


Ha! I do. I don’t actually use it though. Life has been a bit tough lately and i’m haven’t felt like taking pictures for a long time.

I suck.


This is a cool tool to see the difference on some lenses.


BBC | Warring foxes take top wildlife photo prize



iphone pic btw


With post-processing? It’s really pretty.


yeah @gak whats your process so i can copy it


I honestly think that was straight up Instagram editing. I really just try to edit the colors/range to match what I feel a real camera would capture.




Sweet-ass pupper.



I got a Panasonic GH5 last week primarily for video but am excited to take a stab at photos as well. Lot’s to learn between the camera options itself and all of the techniques to making good videos and photos.