PC Gaming Thread


I want to play Minecraft with RTX on. By play, I mean explore.


Nom Nom Dino’s

Ikaruga style shmup with good production values.


Monitors lads


I have the best one.


Tell me.




I’m waiting for Samsung Odyssey G9. The ultimate fuck you ultrawide monitor.


I have a 27" 144Hz G-sync monitor from Dell that I’m very pleased with.

I recently reclaimed my gaming PC from my girlfriend (by buying her a new PC :thinking:) so now I’m back to playing PC games again.





I’m building a new PC for the first time since 2011.

I’m not having to make compromises either, it’s gonna be great.


Which case will you be using buddy?


A friend of mine has this case, and I’m getting it as well. I was impressed with it because the mobo sits horizontally. The 200mm top exhaust fan is pretty spiffy too.



Great case, my friend has that one as well. Builds like a dream.


Avert your eyes.


This is against Allah.




I’d gladly double dip for Persona 1, 2, or 5 for the Switch.


might have to reinstall Titanfall 2, check out these playercounts.