PC Gaming Thread


Are the player bases of the Steam and Origin owners inter-linked? I assume so if you need an Origin account for the Steam version.


It is


Well, in any event the time for my replay of the TF2 SP campaign is nigh.


we hit 5k in the fucking morning in eu lads, idek if Titanfall 2 ever hit that outside of release day on pc?






Should I do it? The curvature is kind of ridiculous.


Fuck curved TVs/monitors


Fallen order looks dope af on this thing.





Cheaper components is always welcome. I might need to buy a new PC later soon.


All in all, this is the performance jump that I’ve been waiting for. Fucking knew they were holding back. Begone 20 series.



I’m considering this because I want to get back into sim racing.and a bit of console gaming this generation. I was hell bent on getting the Odyssey G9 but now I’m not sure anymore. Yay or nay?


I’m also considering picking up LG TV for the new generation. 55" is probably the right size for my living room so I’m eyeing the OLED55C9 model.

I pre-ordered my PS5 late and I don’t know if it’ll arrive before Christmas. The TV can wait until then.


That’s a pretty good format.

For me, it’s two birds with one stone and it’s oled. I reckon playing fps and rts won’t be fun though. Racing games however and pretty much anything else should be a homerun.


Assume you’ve considered the burn-in issues of having static OS items up on your screen for long periods.