Not-yet-released games hype thread






Red Faction Guerrilla ReMARStered coming to PS4, XB1, PC (Q2 2018)







Ooohhh, I hope this game is good!! It’s really gonna come down to the story. They’re really hyping up the branching storyline which has me excited. I want a decision-based game where my decisions actually have consequences.

Also I hope my office is still there in the year 20XX


I’ve been 1000% less excited now that it’s come out that he’s a horrible misogynist in the office and that he makes people call him “Sun god”


I’m trying to imagine a world in which I could type out a post about hoping a David Cage game will have a good story/writing with a straight face and I can’t do it.


His last few games have been great. I haven’t watched any recent Detroit trailers but I’ll definitely pick it up this summer. I’m sure this too will have flaws but it won’t stop it from being enjoyable.


I thought Heavy Rain and Beyond were fun games, the story was engaging enough. Don’t really care what David Cage likes to be called as long as he can make me a good ass game.




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