Not-yet-released games hype thread


You gotta admit the art style is v bad.


that just means more money went into gameplay and mechanics @LabouredSubterfuge stay positive

Will say its only the humans/marines I think look bad. Mechanical and monster design looks nice.



Do we know how much it will be? I want to buy it day one, but I guess it depends on the price.


no one does but i wouldn’t expect it to be more than 15-20 USD


Am quite liking what I’m seeing of Vermintide 2.

Never played the first but I’m intrigued.


It’s really good. Very solid improvement over the first and I was a huge fan of it. Pretty sure I ended up putting more time into than I did L4D/L4D2


Oh nice. I was thinking the other day I’d love a new L4D type thing to play.

How’s the h2h combat? In places it looks great and other times not so much.



Combat wise it feels great. The classes are not stuck with ranged only or melee only but can excel at one area or another. With perks and better weapons you have a lot of variety in how you play in each class. Not to mention the subclasses themselves vary quite a bit.

It is a melee spam fest, but in most cases that is against lower level mobs and they get mowed down fast. On stronger mobs with armor, you have to be smart because you can’t just melee them down as easily and have to find ways to hit through their armor. I’d say fighting bosses is the least fun, but I’m sure it gets more interesting as you get higher level as you have more power and versatility to play with.



€14,99 on Steam and €12,49 on Humble Bundle.



If you buy it from GOG then you get FTL for free.



Great trailer. :heart: the music



just a helpful guide but the basic gist you should take away is you should pretty much always be prioritizing not taking damage > helping your teammates not take damage > killing every single fucking thing on screen

think battle of helms deep at all times only its a couple of your mates and dumb fucking elf instead of a couple hundred bros in armor



Agreed, the music is dope



Steampunk Company of Heroes? Damn.